ZrS3 nanosheets 三硫化锆纳米片

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Environmentally stable anisotropic transition metal trichalcogenide material ZrS3 is available at 2Dsemiconductors USA. ZrS3 is a layered material like MoS2 and other layered systems, except that it exhibits highly anisotropic crystalline structure and material properties (Like ReS2 or TiS3). The presence of the crystalline anisotropy results in direction dependent properties like thermal conductivity, electronic mobility, and excitonic binding energies. In a typical order, a large number of layered needle like sheets are contained in a capsule sealed under Argon environment. Crystals have been characterized by TEM, XPS, SIMS, Raman, and XRD and possess perfect 1:3 stoichiometry and defect density less than 1 defects / 10,000 unit cells.

Crystal size ~ 0.4-0.6 cm

Material characteristics

Thermoelectric IR semiconductor
High carrier mobility semiconductor
2D anisotropic semiconductor
2D Catalytic material


Related literature

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