TaSe2 二硒化钽晶体 (Tantalum Diselenide)

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Environmentally stable 2H-TaSe2 crystals have been synthesized at our facilities through flux zone method or chemical vapor transport (CVT) technique. 2H-TaSe2 is a metal with charge density waves (incommensurate CDW). It has superconducting transition at around below 1K depending on the defect concentration and number of layers. It becomes CDW metal at temperatures lower than 90K. Our TaSe2 crystals are perfectly layered, cleaved in 0001 direction, with ultra-low defect concentration. Flux zone grown 2H-TaSe2 crystals come with guaranteed CDW behavior.

Flux zone vs. CVT growth method: Contamination and defects in TaSe2 crystals are well known to influence CDW behavior. (temperature onset, ability to observe, sheet resistance). Flux zone technique is a halide free and slow growth technique used for synthesizing truly electronic grade vdW crystals. This method distinguishes itself from chemical vapor transport (CVT) technique provides quick (~2 weeks) growth but poor crystalline quality while flux method takes ~3 months, ensures slow crystallization for perfect atomic structuring, and impurity free crystal growth. During check out just state which type of growth process is preferred. Unless otherwise stated, 2Dsemiconductors ships Flux zone crystals as default choice.

Properties of 2H phase TaSe2 crystals - 2Dsemiconductors USA

Example publication from this product

H. Ryu et.al. "Persistent Charge-Density-Wave Order in Single-Layer TaSe2" Nano Letters, 18, 689 (2018)