K/Mg/Fe Mica 钾/镁/铁 云母

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A member of layered mica family but the exact chemical formula has been adjusted in such a way that resulting materials are K, Mg, and Fe rich giving them reasonable conductivity and (electronically) charged surface profile (chemical formula confirmed to be K(FeMg)3Si3AlO10(OH)2). This product has been synthesized using hydrothermal systhesis in large high pressure reactors in 1 month. Products are perfectly layered in c-lattice direction, easy to exfoliate, and are ideal for 2D research. Each product has been characterized using various methods including, Raman spectroscopy, RBS, XPS, and SIMS. Product purity is 99.999% and band edge appears at 4.2 eV based on absorption measurements. Crystal symmetry is C 2/m, Cm (monoclinic) and is layered. Crystal size is larger than 1cm and can be kept in ambient conditions for years.